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VoxVerse Projects

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Ink & Embers: Black and Amorous Verses

Immerse yourself in a journey of emotions and reflections with my upcoming poetry collection, "Ink and Embers: Black and Amorous Verses." Through the delicate interplay of words, each poem invites readers into a world where every line is a brushstroke painting vivid imagery on the canvas of the mind. From the tender embrace of love's first bloom to the haunting echoes of solitude, my verses traverse the spectrum of human experience with heartfelt sincerity. Whether you seek solace in quiet moments of contemplation or yearn to dance amidst the rhythm of life's complexities, this collection promises to be a sanctuary where souls connect and hearts find resonance. Prepare to embark on an exploration of the profound and the sublime, as " Ink & Embers" invites you to discover the beauty of life through the prism of poetry.

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Ink & Embers Fragrances

Dive into the poetry of "Ink & Embers" in a unique way through fragrances inspired by the work. All VoxVerse scents available in brilliant candles and captivating room sprays that envelope you in the art they embody. Don't just read "Ink & Embers," experience it! 

VoxVerse is also committed to making a positive impact in the world and a portion of profits received from products bearing names "Congo River Rush," "Palestine Poppy" and "Sudan Sweetness" are donated to organizations benefitting regions affected by crisis as well as families and individuals currently impacted by conflict.

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Plug in with Vox-Sensei

Take a moment to indulge in the sounds of Vox-Sensei- the creator behind the music, poetry, candles and so much more! Check me out wherever you listen to music and get to know the mind of Vox.

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